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Dental Office in Fort Myers

Crowns and Veneers in Fort Myers

Dental Office in Fort Myers

Dental Office in Fort Myers

Your smile is often the first impression you make on people, so why not make sure it showcases the best you? Whether it’s discoloration, chipping, cracks, misalignment or more, there are simple and effective measures you can take right now to restore your teeth, and restore your confidence. As part of Riverdale Dental Associates, our dental office in Fort Myers can handle all your crown and veneer needs, and get your smile to where it’s meant to be. Veneers are the go-to fix for discolored, cracking, or worn-down teeth, and crowns are perfect for protecting teeth from further damage, solidifying a dental bridge, and more. We’ll be able to diagnose exactly what your dental needs are, and develop a treatment plan tailored precisely to meet your goals.

Because dental issues such as tooth decay and chipping can have compounded ramifications that increase over time, it’s important to visit our dental office in Fort Myers early and frequently to mitigate damage and check-in on progress. Discoloration can be caused by staining from root canal installment, certain drugs, or even coffee and red wine, and chipping or cracking from injury or grinding, necessitating the use of a veneer. On the other hand, broken teeth or dental bridges can be caused by a number of factors, all of which can be treated with a crown.

Diagnosing for, prescribing and applying veneers or crowns is a simple and hassle-free process. When you arrive at the dental office in Fort Myers, our dentist will talk to you about your dental goals, and what you’d like to achieve. We may also take X-rays to better understand your particular dental situation, and recommend the best course of restorative treatment for your teeth. Whether it be veneers, crowns, or some other restorative treatment, you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent care from our experienced and friendly dental experts. Our staff are pioneers in their fields, having become Riverdale Dental Associates because we believe so strongly in bringing you the highest quality in dental care to ensure both your health and happiness.

Cracked, discolored or chipped teeth are not something you need to live with forever. You no longer need to be shy of your smile when posing for the camera or meeting someone new. With our dental office in Fort Myers, you’ll receive the treatment you and your smile deserve at a price that you can afford. Simply make an appointment through our website, or call our office and one of our friendly staff will set you up with an time to come in. Let us take care of your teeth, so you can go back to being your best self.

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