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Dental fillings in Verandah

Verandah dentist office

Verandah dentist office

At Riverdale Dental Associates, our Verandah dental office performs fillings for patients who need them. Filings are done when there are cavities present within the mouth, and which cause a hole that needs to be filled up. Fillings are usually made from composite materials, and once we apply them to the hole the cavity makes, the pain should lessen.

New patients can visit our website and download specific forms to make their first visit easier. This includes the appointment policies, insurance disclaimer, privacy policy and oral cancer screening form. During your first visit, we will ask for information on your dental and health history and introduce you to our kind and caring staff members. We’ll also get some x-rays of your teeth to get a good look at your oral structure and see if there are any issues that need taking care of. Feel free to call our Verandah dental office for more information about any of our procedures and services.

Dr. Correa is a graduate of the University of Florida and speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. Born and raised in Brazil, he earned a dental degree there before moving to America. He started Riverdale Dental Associates 8 years ago and has enjoyed giving patients the best in quality dental care and will continue to do so for many years to come. When coming in for your fillings at our Verandah dental office, we want you to be relaxed and happy. If there’s anything whatsoever that you need before your appointment, don’t hesitate to ask us. Fillings are quick and easy and done right in our offices in a timely manner. They help to fill the hole that cavities make in teeth, and ease the pain the cavity is causing. Symptoms usually include sensitivity to hot and cold, pain, swelling and redness.

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